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Top 10 Golf Courses in Alaska

Alaska is a gorgeous state with a lot of scenic mountain vistas, making it a perfect location for playing golf. The Alaska golf season typically lasts from May to September, and because to the midnight sun, tee times might vary from five in the morning to almost midnight. Since Alaska is the only state where all the golf courses are accessible to the public, let's have a look at the best 10 public golf courses in this stunning state.

10. Valley of the Eagles Golf Links 

Located entirely on land classified by the U S Army, the Valley of the Eagles Golf Links is situated in the most beautiful setting of any golf course in the world. It took seven and a half years to get the required permits to build this par 36 course in 2005 by Mark Miller and it stretches almost 3000 yards.

9. Birch Ridge Golf Course

The Birch Ridge Golf Course in Soldotna, Alaska, is a par-35 course with a length of 3105 yards that was constructed in 1973 by Thomas R. Smith. Incorporating the land's natural contours while conserving the stunning Alaskan environment, including two active volcanoes. The course provides a variety of holes, it is quite fun and well-maintained. has several challenging holes, but is enjoyable for all levels of golfers.

8. Bear Valley Golf Course

Located in Kodiak station about three miles from the base on Anton Larsen road, lies a beautiful 9-hole 36-par military course, the Bear Valley Golf Course. Currently managed by the US coast guard, this 2805 yards stunning golf course was designed in 1986 by Richard Blackburn. It's perfect for seasoned golfers and people wanting to learn the game.

7. Black Diamond Golf Course 

Located in Healey, the Black Diamond Golf Course is a unique course outside the Denali National Park. This 9-hole golf course started as a hay field and eventually turned into a golf course in 1995 that stretches over 2732 yards. It features gorgeous wildlife and scenery, and a full-service beautiful restaurant.

6. Palmer Golf Course

Palmer is a lot of fun to play since it has several excellent, lengthy challenges. Located in Palmer, this par 72 Golf course stretches7125 yards of very picturesque background with surrounding snow-capped mountains. The course was designed by William L. Overdorf and was built in 1990. There are some areas with arctic challenges, so you have to play about with those, but it's not a major difficulty given the location.

Golf Courses in Alaska

5. Moose Run Golf Course - Hill Course

The creek course in Moose Run Golf Course was built in 1952 by the army combat of engineers. It's an 18-hole par-72 course that stretches over 7000 yards. Unlike the other layout in this course, the Moose Run Golf Course is less dramatic and scenic, but the conditions are much better on the Hill. The 18-hole is split between two nines - the front mountainous and scenic, the back completely flat and much easier to walk.

4. Anchorage Golf Course 

It should come as no surprise that the Anchorage Golf Course in Alaska, built-in 1987 by Bill Newcomb, offers some of the most breathtaking scenery. This 18-hole golf course is situated in Anchorage and spans 6601 yards. Gorgeous Poa Annual fairways and Bentgrass greens with a lovely vista. That’s all good reasons to drive down to Alaska.

3. Moose Run Golf Course - Creek Course

The Moose Run Golf Course was built in 2000 by Nelson & Haworth, this par 72 course stretches 7324 yards. The greens and fairways are made of bluegrass and the number 5 hole on the Creek course is unusually fun, and the course's split fairways make it unlike any other. There is a full-blown Alaskan wilderness forest between fairways.  

2. Settler’s Bay Golf Course

Located approximately 8 miles west of Wasilla, Alaska, Settler's Bay Golf Course is a stunning public course that is privately owned. The 18-hole course has a nicely maintained layout, a driving range, many tee alternatives, and a lovely 19th-hole restaurant and bar. From the clubhouse and the first tee, there are outstanding vistas. The front 9 can be difficult because of its tree-lined fairways and occasionally small greens. The course's rear is an older and quite distinct portion.

1. Chena Bend Golf Course

Jerry Matthews constructed the Chena Bend Golf course at Fort Wainwright, west of Fairbanks, in 1942, earning it the top rank on our list. This course measures 7012 yards and has a par of 72. It is the pinnacle of picturesque vistas and less difficult gaming due to its long history of management by the US military and its special location. This golf course is an excellent spot for beginners to start because it's not difficult enough for experienced players.

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